Golf Lessons

Looking to Improve Your Game?

Now offering online video lessons via email!
Don't have time to drive to the course for a lesson?  Send in a couple videos of your swing and get the feedback you need to make adjustments on your own time! 

This is a great way to continue to work on your game without having to set aside a big chunk of of your schedule.  By using our swing analysis app, you can easily take videos of your swing, send them in and get the video back with professional analysis and drills to help improve your game!  Email Joe Cain at for info or to get started today!

Have Fun and Learn from Head Golf Professional Joe Cain!

Golf is all about enjoyment, and when you are struggling with your game that can become a chore.  Here at The Cedars, we can help!

Any Skill Level

Whether you're just picking up the game or you're a skilled player looking for a tune up, The Cedars on Salmon Creek's Teaching Staff will help you achieve your goals of the golf swing.  We will find out together what the issue is and have fun finding the solution!

Our Staff

Joe Cain is a former-collegiate player who has embarked upon the life-long study of the golf swing.  With a foundation of traditional fundamentals paired with current technology, he will help you improve YOUR swing.

"There are millions of golfers in the world and in turn, there are millions of different swings that can play this game wonderfully!  My philosophy for instruction is not to teach everyone an ideal swing, but to tailor each individual swing with proper fundamentals in order to help the student play the game more efficiently and enjoyably." - Joe Cain

The Cedars on Salmon Creek offers an array of instructional options to fit your preference and schedule. Affordable lessons are available by appointment throughout the season.

For more information, rates, or to schedule a lesson, email Joe Cain - email